At Foresthill Financial Planning, it is financial planning that sits at the heart of everything that we do. The value that we bring to our clients is in helping them identify their financial goals and then ultimately travelling on the journey with them, to help them achieve those goals.

Central to our approach is our structured financial planning model. This is applied, irrespective of whether you are seeking to grow your wealth, plan for your retirement in a tax efficient manner or provide financial security for your family or business.

Our planning approach is employed at the outset of our relationship with you, and then at each review point into the future, ensuring that your financial objectives stay central to every financial decision made. 

The Foresthill Financial Planning Process

  • Your goals in life: We start by understanding what is the life that you want to live. We get clear about your hopes, dreams and your concerns. It is our role then to start helping you understand how you might financially achieve all of your goals. Is maintaining your current lifestyle in retirement an important aspiration? Do you want to be financially independent, no matter what life brings? Once we know the destination, we can start to plan out the journey for you.
  • Your current situation: To allow us go on your financial journey with you, we need to understand the starting point. We seek to gain a deep understanding of your financial backdrop today – your assets, debts, income, expenditure and current solutions in place. We also get a clear understanding of other relevant factors such as your family needs and your employment status among many other factors.
  • Situation analysis: Taking all of the information that we’ve gathered, we then use both our expertise and powerful software to make sense of it all. Because maybe you have enough money already to do everything that you want, but just don’t know it! If not, we identify all of the gaps between where you are today, where you are headed and getting to live the life that you want. 
  • Financial plan for life: We now set out a strategy to help you achieve the life that you want. Are your objectives achievable? Do you need to save more each month or wait longer before you can retire? Does your budget stretch to your preferred level of financial protection for your family? This is where we put in place a financial plan that, while it may be challenging, must always be realistic.
  • Best product selection: Once we’ve agreed the plan and if a financial product is required, we research the market to identify the best solutions to meet your needs, and then negotiate on your behalf with the chosen provider to ensure that you receive the best terms possible.
  • Seamless implementation: We then manage the relationship with the product providers to get the solution in place, and help you complete the paperwork and all other parts of the process.
  • Regular reviews: But the world doesn’t stand still! The economy changes, investment markets don’t behave as expected, maybe you get a big salary increase? All of these factors (and many more) will impact your financial journey. We schedule regular reviews with you and adjust your plan and product portfolio as needed, so that you can continue to look forward with confidence to achieving your financial ambitions and the life that you want to live. 
  • Ongoing future guidance: We are available as your financial guide throughout the year. You may want further clarity regarding your financial plan, or maybe you simply want a 2nd opinion on a financial question. We are available as your financial guide and trusted confidante at all times.