Retirement Planning

At Foresthill, we believe that retirement planning begins when you are young, and continues right to the end of your days. With properly structured retirement planning, your retirement age is actually only a milestone along the way! Are you aware that you can enjoy the following benefits from properly structured retirement planning? 

  • Tax relief on contributions towards building up your retirement fund
  • Tax free growth of your retirement fund
  • A portion of your fund can be taken tax free at retirement
  • You can take control of how much and when you withdraw from your fund (subject to a minimum withdrawal amount each year)
  • You can retain control of your fund at retirement, putting in place a tax efficient vehicle to pass your wealth to your estate in the event of your death 

Retirement planning is an important element of your overall wealth strategy. However it is unique in terms of its tax efficiency and also the length of the investment timeframe. It is a complex world with a vast array of choices to be made in relation to strategy, products, funds and charging structures. At Foresthill, we will seek to de-mystify pensions for you and work with you to get the right strategy in place, one that you fully understand! And then we’ll travel on your retirement planning journey with you, every step of the way.