Wealth Building

Having clarity of your investment objectives is the first important step in helping you build your wealth. We need to understand what you are trying to achieve and when. For example, you may want to;

  • Re-enter investment markets to increase your growth potential
  • Review your current strategy in relation to your investments
  • Build up an education fund for your children
  • Invest a lump sum received from an asset sale or inheritance
  • Build up a cash buffer against future unexpected events

Once we are clear on your objectives and we have discussed our investment philosophy, we then apply our investment process. This includes;

  • Risk Profiling: Identifying the appropriate level of risk for your portfolio
  • Asset Allocation: Developing a robust and reviewable investment strategy for your portfolio across a range of asset classes
  • Fund Selection: Identifying the optimal set of funds within your chosen asset allocation
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing: Reacting to market conditions and keeping your portfolio on track
  • Investment Reporting & Communications: Keeping you informed of progress and driving the future decision making process

For more information about each of the above and how the Foresthill Investment Process can work for you, pleaseĀ click here.