Our Investment Philosophy

At the core of our investment approach stand two fundamental elements that we have developed over the years – our financial planning process  and our investment philosophy.

Our investment philosophy captures the essence of what we believe in when it comes to investing. We think that it is critically important that you fully understand our beliefs when it comes to investing. In fact, if they are fundamentally different to yours, are we the right adviser for you?

Yes we will have points of debate along the way! However if we both have the same basic beliefs when it comes to investing, we will be able to collaborate effectively to find the right solutions for you. We see investing as a team effort, with both you and us working together, every step of the way.

Our investment philosophy is based on seven core principles;

  1. Asset allocation approach which incorporates a Multi Asset platform
  2. Value principles
  3. Process over outcome/result – Long term investment process over short term results
  4. Rebalancing on a regular but practical basis
  5. Active management V Passive management
  6. Applying overall philosophy at appropriate levels of risk for the particular individual
  7. Valuations matter

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