The Background

  • Senior business executive (shareholder of his company)
  • Age 40 – married with 3 teenage children.

The Issues:

  • Profitable business and company funding pensions €20/30k per year.
  • Client aware that the next 10 years are crucial to eventual worth of his pension ‘pot’ in retirement.

·         5% shareholding director – so ARF (ownership of pension fund) options available at retirement.

  • Several legacy pension benefits from self-employment and previous employments. Looking to consolidate all in one place.
  • Very poor experience with fund managers and managed funds in past.
  • Very sceptical of costs and charges involved. Wants more transparency of costs and more involvement in the pension investment decisions.

The Solution:

  • Set up self-administered trust (SSAP) with independent Pensioneer Trustee.
  • Consolidated ALL pervious pension benefits into new SSAP.
  • All new contributions will enter SSAP without any charge.
  • Happy with Trusted Advisor Group Multi Asset Platform (TAGMAP) and the principles of tactical asset allocation strategy.
  • Opted for a Passive investment selection – offering annual fund management charge of c49 basis points.
  • Agreed a ‘win’ bonus for Foresthill if average performance of the portfolio exceeds set target levels.
  • Much happier with transparency of cost and involvement in pension investment decisions.